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AEM TouchUI dropdown mandatory validation

Christoph Thommen

In AEM 6.2, there is no mandatory validation for dropdowns in dialogs, when having a “Please select” option in place. This is due to a validation check in the out of the box AEM validator which does a check for “value != null”, which is not the case when having a “Please select” option (value would just be a blank String).

There is currently no other option then implementing a custom validation. This requires the following steps:

  1. Create a new clientlib with the following configuration
  2. Add the following JavaScript to this clientlib. This JS validates all select fields with a specific property set (see step 3)
  3. To mark select fields as required (and enable this validation), put the property validation=”select.required” on it:

TouchUI Page Properties encoding issue with AEM 6.2 CFP3

Christoph Thommen

While implementing a new website based on AEM 6.2 CFP3 for a customer, we faced the following problem:

When editing page properties right from “Sites” > “View Properties”, the encoding of special characters got lost/wrong. When editing the same page from via “Edit” > “Page Properties”, everything worked well.

This resulted in corrupt data:

The reason for this problem: In the “View Properties” dialog, the _charset_ property is missing which is required by AEM to determine the proper encoding of the submitted form data.

There is an easy fix for this:

By adding a hidden field named “_charset_” to the page properties dialog with the value “utf-8”, the problem is solved: